There is another music game in here somewhere

| tags: ideas, links, enabling technology

After finding iDaft and then the YouTube video on Tar Heel Reader, I'm thinking about music games in a new way. In a trip down memory lane we came across Mahna Mahna. I love this video!

I have this feeling that there is a fun game idea in here for Maze Day (and beyond). I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps you press a square on the DDR Pad to hear one phrase "mahna mahna, dee dee da dee dee". Then you have to press another one to go to the next phrase? Or perhaps it is a joint effort between two kids? One doing "mahna mahna" and the other doing the dee's? Maybe the background is playing in a loop and you have to queue the "mahna mahna" at the right time like Guitar Hero?

Give it a listen and then give me some ideas in the comments.