A Better-Than-Best-Effort Service for Continuous Media UDP Flows

M. Parris, K. Jeffay, D. Smith, and J. Borgersen
in Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video,
Proceedings, Eighth Intl. Workshop
Cambridge, UK, July 1998
pages 193-197.

Abstract: The Internet community is very interested in addressing congestion with active queue management mechanisms like Random Early Detection (RED). Recent proposals extend these mechanisms to actively penalize "misbehav-ing" flows. These methods favor TCP and TCP-like flows strongly over other flows like UDP. In this paper we pro-pose extensions to active queue management disciplines which continue to address congestion and reward TCP-friendly flows while minimizing impact on continuous media flows using other protocols. Our mechanism, Drop Preference Management (DPM), recognizes tagged flows and manages their latency while constraining the band-width they consume. We present empirical results of ex-periments comparing our mechanism to plain RED.

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