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Family Matters

Graduate student Isa Kemal Pakatci married Aysenur Ozkan on 18 July 2010 in Aydin, Turkey.

Elise (London) Carmichael (B.S. 2005) and her husband, Patrick, welcomed Anastasia Caroline on 15 October 2010.

Greg Coombe (Ph.D. 2007) and his wife, Kavita, welcomed Surina Dave Coombe on 22 October 2010, in San Francisco, Calif.

Benjamin Lok (Ph.D. 2002) and his wife, Laura, welcomed Kevin Soon Ming Lok on 12 November 2010. Kevin joins twin siblings Sophia and Brandon, who are almost 2.

Lenwood Heath (Ph.D. 1985) married Deanie Harris Dunbar on 18 December 2010 in Bethel, N.C.

David Gotz (Ph.D. 2005) and his wife, Anne, welcomed Issac Arthur Gotz on 27 December 2010. Issac joins big sister, Sarah, who is 2.

Adrian Ilie and his wife, Barbara, welcomed Gabriel Robert Ilie on 30 December 2010.

Mark Harris (Ph.D. 2003) and his wife, Lakshmi, welcomed Luella Rose Harris-Kerr on 3 January 2011. The three of them live in Brisbane, Australia.

Postdoctoral researcher Pierre Fite-Georgel and his wife, Virginie, welcomed Charly Marcel Fite-Georgel on 6 April 2011.

Amitabh Varshney (Ph.D. 1994) and his wife, Poonam, welcomed Somil Varshney on 3 May 2011. Somil joins big brother, Ayush, who is 8.

Professor Emeritus Steve Weiss, and his wife, Iris, welcomed a second grandson, Elliot Austin Weiss, on 6 May 2011. Elliot’s parents are Heather and Jeremy Weiss.