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In Class Presentations

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

You’ll present your projects to the class beginning next Tuesday 18 November. Your presentation should explain and demonstrate your concept in sufficient detail to “sell” it to us.

Time Allocation: 1 person -> 12 minutes, 2 people -> 15 minutes, 3 people -> 20 minutes.

Presentation dates:

18 November: John/Stephen, Eric, Allison/Emma, Ronald
20 November: RJ/Katelyn/Rainier, Kelly, Taylor/Maria, Luke/Sean
25 November: Ethan, Michele/Shelby, Brad, Alex/Madison/Alyssa

Project assignment

Monday, November 10th, 2008

I’m still getting questions about the paper and presentation for your assignment so I’ll write it down here.

Paper length: long enough to get the job done. The guideline is about 7 pages for a single person project, 10 for 2 people, 12 for 3 people.

Paper content: I organize paper’s like this around answering questions. What is it? Who is it for? Why do they need it? What has been done before? How would it work? What issues must be addressed in the implementation? You’ll want to include references to literature supporting your claims. Illustrations are important too. I really like using headings to guide the reader.

Presentation content: Your in-class presentation should include a slide show that explains your proposal and, as far as possible, includes a simulation of its operation. Of course, the simulation will be fake, with sill images, or drawings rather than a working computer program but it should be sufficient to evaluate the activity. Think of it as selling your idea to a development team.

Discuss “Through Deaf Eyes”

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

You’ll find lots of good info at the PBS site including a transcript and discussion guide .

To help guide the discussion, consider these questions:

1. Did your perceptions of deafness change watching this story?

2. What segments did you like best? Feel free to use the transcript to help you remember them.

3. Were you surprised that the deaf students took over the school? That they hotwired the buses?

Feel free to include anything else that interested or challenged you.