Calendar of Class Events

Monday Wednesday Friday Week's End (Sun evening)
Jan 07,09,11 ... FDOC
course overview
development processes
yes, class meeting, FB009
requirements phase
functional spec
. . .
Jan 14,16,18 Client presentations of project proposals
preferences due in email by Thursday 5pm
Client presentations of project proposals
preferences due in email by Thursday 5pm
yes, class meeting, FB009
project / team assignments
students go to find clients and get started on requirements
project web site
. . .
Jan 21,23,25 holiday
no class

schedule client meeting
platform selection
Early design: CRC cards
resources: CRC cards
(schedule) client meeting
. . . Web site URL due to me (email) with first 5 items there.
team rules (web)
client meeting
Jan 28,30,Feb 1 React (for user interfaces)
code from class (download zip and read README)
Redux . . . project concept due (web)
user stories due (web)
D1. Specifications due (web)
Feb 4,6,8 Heroku back end tech
Pro Git (book)
Git branching tutorial
best practices
12-factor App
Git resources
project scheduling
project management
XP introduction
Agile Manifesto
Agile Alliance
. . . platform selection due (web)
Feb 11,13,15 pair programming
extreme programming 1
extreme programming 2
Epic Software Fails
Software testing
. . . architecture diagram(s) due (web)
tech talk ideas
Feb 18,20,22 Tutorial: Software testing
Unit testers
Unit testing and automation for React with Jest . . . tech talk ideas
Feb 25,27,Mar 1 how-to midterm presentation

no class meeting . . . tech talk ideas
coach meets all week
Mar 4,6,8
project presentations project presentations APPLES Reflection 1 . . .
Mar 11,13,15 spring break spring break spring break spring break
Mar 18,20,22 Amazon and Everything Tech Talks
-- Test Plan (deliverable)
-- documentation plan
-- client hand-off plan
-- code deliverable
-- design document
. . . APPLES reflection 1 due
Mar 25,27,29 formal verification examples
Testing with ADT axioms
Model Checking
Design: Architecture
Guest speaker
Brent Miller, IBM
Intellectual Property and Legal Isses for Software
. . . test plan due
Apr 1,3,5 TT: (C) CORS
TT: (G) Firebase, Swift
TT: (P) QT
TT: (M) Vega-Lite
TT: (D) Express.js
TT: (O) Creating a chat bot
TT: (H) Neo4j
TT: (L) Security
documentation plan due
Apr 08,10,12 TT: (E) Mongo DB
TT: (S) Swift
TT: (A) Google Maps, Mapkit
TT: (N) Expo
TT: (R) Electron
TT: (K) NodeJS
. . . hand-off plan due
Apr 15,17,19 TT: (U) Code Smells
TT: (F) ReThink DB
TT: (J) Angular
TT: (T) Google AppScript
TT: (V) Cytoscape
TT: (I) Progressive Web Apps
. . .
Apr 22,24,26 final presentations
(final exam)
final presentations
(final exam)

final presentations
(final exam)
. . .
Apr 29,May 1,3 . . . Final project due 5pm

Hand-in summary

If you want credit for it, it needs to be attached to your project website at this point.

Project code needs to be working and delivered/transfered to client

Also, your personal report to me (in email) due at 5pm.
. . . . . .
May 6,8,10 actual UNC exam day for this course

( not meaningful for us )
... . . . ...