Teacher       COMP 915, Fall 2009

Technical Communication in Computer Science
(The course formerly numbered COMP 321)

News of the day:  
        Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
EMail: brooks@cs.unc.edu
Office:  214 Sitterson Hall
          Phone: 919-962-1931
        Stephen Weiss
EMail: weiss@cs.unc.edu
Office: 159 Sitterson Hall
Phone: 919-962-1888
Class Meetings: Fridays 10:00-11:15 in Brooks 008


          Based on assignments, class teaching performance, and participation.  Broad curve.
          Two free late assignments if turned in next class; other lates are half credit.

Text Book
McKeachie, Wilbert J., Teaching Tips, Twelfth edition, Houghton Mifflin, 2006

         Check out the used book market. Used copies of McKeachie can be found for about a third the retail price. But be sure you are getting the right edition.          

         Other readings will be handed out in class or available on the web.


Name and date on everything you give us.  Also, keep a copy for yourself.

Course links

  Course Objectives
            Course Plan
            Schedule of 20-minute talks
            Slides from talks
            Center for Faculty Excellence
Instrument of Student Judicial Governance
            Computer Science addendum to the Honor Code
            Registrar's memo number 8
            Registrar's memo number 24
            The wandering "only"

           Aug. 28: 16: Why get a Ph.D?
           Aug. 28: Public speaking
           Assignment 1: Evaluation (due September 4, 2009)   Attributes of good teachers
           Assignment 2: Learning Styles (due September 11, 2009)
Felder paper
           Assignment 3: Teaching methods (due September 18, 2009)
           Assignment 4: Objectives (due September 25, 2009)
           Assignment 5: Syllabus (due October 2, 2009)
           Assignment 6: Text selection (due October 9, 2009)
           Assignment 7: Thesis topics (due October 16, 2009)
           Assignment 8: Testing (due October 30, 2009)
           Assignment 9: Large Classes (due November 6, 2009)
           Large class handout
           Assignment 10: Dealing with controversial topics (due November 13, 2009)
           Assignment 11: Grading and cheating (due November 20, 2009)
           Einstein, Weiss, & Newton  generated by http://pdos.csail.mit.edu/scigen/
           Assignment 12: The academic marketplace (due December 4, 2009)
           Academic marketplace PowerPoint
           Criteria for University Faculty

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