UNC Image-Based Rendering

UNC's Image-Based Rendering Projects

Virtual Monticello Exhibit at New Orleans Museum of Art

PR WarpPost-Rendering Warping

Range DataRange Data

Multiple Range Data Set RegistrationMultiple Range Data Set Registration

Range Image Registration by Empty-Space ConsistencyRange Image Registration by Consistency of Empty Space

Real-Time Image-Based Rendering of Real World EnvironmentsReal-Time Image-Based Rendering of Real World Environments

Architectural Walkthrough AccelerationArchitectural Walkthrough Acceleration

Algorithms for ImageFlowThe WarpEngine. An Architecture for Image-Based Rendering

Relief TexturesRelief Textures

Image-Based ObjectsImage-Based Objects

Image ReshadingImage Reshading

LDI TreeCombining multiple reference images using the LDI Tree

Increased Photorealism for Architecual WalkthroughsIncreased Photorealism for Architectual Walkthroughs


IFlow is an image-based rendering hardware/software system. We are currently developing the system's algorithms and its high-level architecture.

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