Mohit Bansal

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Dept., UNC Chapel Hill
SN-258, 201 S. Columbia St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175
mbansal -atsign- cs -dot- unc -dot- edu
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I am looking for motivated PhD students in NLP, ML, and multimodal AI. Apply and email me if you are interested!
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About Me

I am assistant professor in the Computer Science department at the University of North Carolina (UNC) Chapel Hill. Prior to this, I was a research assistant professor (3-year endowed position) at TTI-Chicago. I received my Ph.D. in 2013 from the University of California at Berkeley, where I was advised by Dan Klein. I did my B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur. I have also spent time at Google Research, Microsoft Research, and Cornell University.

Research Interests

Statistical natural language processing and machine learning, with a focus on multimodal, grounded, and embodied semantics (i.e., language with vision and speech, for robotics), human-like language generation and Q&A/dialogue, and interpretable and structured deep learning.

Work Experience

Computer Science department, UNC Chapel Hill (August 2016 — present)
Assistant Professor

Toyota Technological Institute, Chicago (September 2013 — July 2016)
Research Assistant Professor

IARPA Babel Project, Swordfish team (February 2014 — June 2014)

EECS, UC Berkeley (August 2008 — August 2013)
Graduate Student Researcher (Advisor: Dan Klein)

Google Research, Mountain View (May 2011 — August 2011)
Research Intern (with John DeNero and Dekang Lin)

Microsoft Research, Redmond (May 2010 — August 2010)
Research Intern (with Chris Quirk and Bob Moore)

Cornell University, Ithaca (May 2007 — August 2007)
Research Intern (with Lillian Lee and Claire Cardie)

Publications (+Code/Data)

(most conferences below have a ~25% acceptance rate)


Instructor, Advanced Topics in NLP: Language Grounding for Robotics, UNC Chapel Hill, Spring 2017.

Instructor, Seminar on Natural Language Processing, UNC Chapel Hill, Fall 2016.

Guest Lecturer, Computational Linguistics (Instructor: John Goldsmith), University of Chicago, Spring 2015.

Guest Lecturer, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Instructor: Matthew Walter), TTI-Chicago, University of Chicago, Spring 2015.

Guest Lecturer, Visual Recognition with Text (Instructor: Sanja Fidler), University of Toronto, Winter 2015 — short course on 'Topics, Trends, and Resources in NLP' [slides].

Grad Student Instructor, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Instructor: Dan Klein), UC Berkeley, Fall 2011. Received an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award by UC Berkeley for excellence in teaching.

Grad Student Instructor, Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence (Instructors: Pieter Abbeel, Dan Klein, Jitendra Malik), UC Berkeley, Spring 2009. Sole TA for new course with 30 advanced students.


Student openings: I am looking for highly motivated PhD students. If you are interested in the broad areas of multimodal NLP (with vision and speech, for robotics), language generation and dialogue/Q&A, and structured+interpretable deep learning, please see my prospective student page and contact me at mbansal-AT-cs-DOT-unc-DOT-edu for further details.

Ramakanth Pasunuru (UNC, PhD)
Hao Tan (UNC, PhD)
Licheng Yu (UNC, PhD)

Arjun Chandrasekaran (Georgia Tech, PhD)
Arnab Ghosh (IIT Kanpur, BTech --> Oxford)
Yixin Nie (UChicago, MS)
Aravind L Srinivas (IIT Madras, BTech)
John Wieting (UIUC, MS --> TTIC, PhD)
Trang Tran (UWash, PhD)

Malika Aubakirova (UChicago, BS)
Dhivya Eswaran (IIT-Madras, BTech --> CMU, PhD)
Rasool Fakoor (UT-Arlington, PhD --> MSR)
Yuchen He (UIUC, PhD)
Myungin Kim (UChicago, MS)
Zuyao Li (USC, MS --> Google/Nest)
Ang Lu (Tsinghua, BS --> CMU, MS)
Pranava S. Madhyastha (UPC Barcelona, PhD)
Hongyuan Mei (UChicago/TTIC, MS --> JHU, PhD)
Ryan Stout (UIUC, MS)
Jing Wang (UIC, PhD --> Conversant)
Zhengyang Wu (GeorgiaTech, BS --> MagicLeap)

Professional Service

Area Co-chair (Vision, Robots, and Grounding): ACL 2017

Area Co-chair (Machine Learning): EMNLP 2017

Demo Co-chair: ACL 2017

Tutorial Co-chair: NAACL 2016

Area Co-chair: NAACL 2016

Program Committee Member / Reviewer:

Conferences: EMNLP (best reviewer award, 2012; top 9%), NAACL (best reviewer award, 2015; top 25%), ACL, NIPS, ICLR, IJCAI, EACL, COLING, *SEM, IJCNLP, ICON


Workshops: ACL Student Research Workshop (2013), NAACL Vector Space Modeling for NLP (2015), NAACL Multilingual and Crosslingual Methods in NLP (2016), NAACL Human-Computer Question Answering (2016), ACL Evaluating Vector-Space Representations for NLP (2016)

University Research Proposals: ORAU

Co-organizer: Language Grounding for Robotics at ACL 2017, Midwest Speech and Language Days 2015

Committee Member: Graduate (PhD) Admissions Committee, EECS, UC Berkeley

Software and Datasets: Available as links with corresponding paper in Publications/Code/Data.
Resources released recently: