This document serves as a FAQ for the DiRT group, documenting things, from how the network is currently configured to how to do kernel debugging with FreeBSD, to how to install FreeBSD. If this is well maintained it should help alleviate some of the information loss that occurs as students graduate. If you learn how to do something new that you, or someone else may need to do again, consider creating a new page. It doesn't require a lot of time, just get the essential information there. Most importantly, if you change the way something works so that what's here is no longer correct, UPDATE these documents!

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Network Diagrams


TCP Oddities

Hardware weirdness folks should be aware of:

Notes on upgrading

2.2.8-DIRT-CAM (Dec 98/Jan 99)

FreeBSD 4.1 (September 2000)

FreeBSD 4.3 (June 2001)


Lab Configuration and Management

DiRT Lab Open Tasks


DiRT Filesystem



Network Simulator (NS)




You should always install packages built for the FreeBSD release that matches the one in the machine were you are trying to install the package. Otherwise, you may encounter conflicts and malfunctions. Finding the right package is not easy, but this page helps. Note that not all mirrors include the package collection. Some that do are:

You can also use Google (e.g., search for "pub/FreeBSD/releases/i386/4.10-RELEASE").

The ports collection, which is an optional part of any FreeBSD installation, can also get you the software you need very quickly. You just have to find the piece of sotfware under /usr/ports and then invoke make (which will download the source code and compile it) and make install. Read the FreeBSD handbook for more details.

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