COMP 411: Schedule

All material covered in the lectures, labs, and required readings may appear on the exams.

Optional readings provide additional explanation of material covered in class that can be useful in preparing for the exams.

Unless otherwise stated, required readings are from Patterson and Hennessy

Initially, I will post slides or notes from the last incarnation of this course (if they exist), and incrementally replace them with the versions presented in class (perhaps with fixes after class) as the semester progresses.

Papers are only accessible to hosts in the domain, although most are available elsewhere online.

Video links are restricted to users with a youtube account. If you do not have a email address and are registered in the class, please send the instructor your preferred google account to be granted access to the videos.

The schedule of topics is tentative, and may adjust over the course of the semester.

Date Topics Notes Required Readings Optional Readings
Thu 01/11 Administrative and Introduction
Slides. Video.
Fri 01/12 Lab 1: UNIX Tutorial, and Editing, Compiling and Running C Programs
Slides. Perry & Miller - Ch. 1-5, 7-10 and 14.
Tue 01/16 Introduction
Video. Ch 1.1--1.4
Thu 01/18 Snow Day
Academic Integrity Homework Due.
Fri 01/19 Lab 2: Arithmetic, I/O, and Conditionals and Loops in C
Slides P&M Ch. 4, 6, 8 and 18. A very good online reference for I/O functions in C
Mon 01/22
Lab 1 Due, 11:59 PM
Tue 01/23 Performance and Trends
Slides. Video. Ch 1.5--1.7
Thu 01/25 Performance and Trends
Fri 01/26 Lab 3: Arrays and Functions in C
Lab 2 Due, 11:59 PM Slides P&M Ch. 21-23 and 30-32.
Tue 01/30 Performance and Trends
Thu 02/01 Representing Information
Slides. Video. Ch. 2.3-2.4, Ch. 3.5 (only through p. 202)
Fri 02/02 Lab: Strings and Pointers in C
Lab 3 Due, 11:59 PM Slides
Tue 02/06 Representing Information
Wed 02/07
Lab 4 Due, 11:59 PM
Thu 02/08 Instruction Sets, Part 1
Slides. Video. Ch. 2.1-2.2 and Ch. 2.5-2.6
Fri 02/09 Lab: Maze Finding in C
Problem Set 1 Due, 11:55 PM. Slides
Tue 02/13 Instruction Sets, Part 2, and Pointers
Slides. Video.
Wed 02/14
Lab 5 Due, 11:59 PM
Thu 02/15 Instruction Sets, Part 2
Slides. Video (well, Audio) Ch. 2.1-2.7
Fri 02/16 Lab: Basic MIPS Assembly
Problem Set 2 Due, 11:55 PM. Slides
Tue 02/20 Assembly and Simulator
Examples: Sum.asm, SumArray.asm and Fibonacci.asm. Please be sure that the following are enabled in Mars, under Settings: "Permit extended (pseudo) instructions and formats" is enabled, and Memory Configuration is set to be "Compact, Data at Address 0".
Slides. Video.
App. A.1-A.5 (Patterson/Hennessy Appendix)
Thu 02/22 Addressing Modes
Slides. Video.x Ch. 2.3, 2.10 and 2.14
Fri 02/23 Lab: More MIPS: Assembling Pictures
Slides Tutorial on MIPS procedure calls (by Istvan Csapo)
Sun 02/25
Lab 6 Due, 11:59 PM
Tue 02/27 Addressing Modes
Thu 03/01 Procedures and Stacks
Slides. Video. Ch. 2.8 and App. A.6
Fri 03/02 Lab: String Processing, Procedure Calls and Recursion
Sun 03/04
Lab 7 Due, 11:59 PM
Tue 03/06 Review
Thu 03/08 Mid-Term Exam
Fri 03/09 Recursion in Assembly
Tue 03/13 Spring Break
No class.
Thu 03/15 Spring Break
No class.
Fri 03/16 Spring Break
No class.
Tue 03/20 Transistors and Logic, Part 1
Slides. Video. App. B.1-B.3
Thu 03/22 Transistors and Logic, Part 1
Fri 03/23 Lab: Logical Shifts
Lab 8 Due, 11:59 PM. Slides
Tue 03/27 Transistors and Logic, Part 2
Slides Video App. B.1-B.3
Wed 03/28
Lab 9 Due, 11:59 PM
Thu 03/29 Transistors and Logic, Part 2
Fri 03/30 Holiday
No class.
Tue 04/03 Arithmetic and Logic Circuits
Slides Video Ch. 3.1-3.2 and App. B.5, Skim App. B.6
Wed 04/04
Lab 10 Due, 11:59 PM
Thu 04/05 Multiplication, Division and Floating-Point Numbers
Slides Video Ch. 3.3-3.5
Fri 04/06 Lab: Mini-project
Tue 04/10 Memories and State Machines
Slides. Video App. B.7-B.12 and Ch. 4.2
Thu 04/12 Let's Build a Computer
Slides. Video Ch. 4.1-4.4
Fri 04/13 Lab: Mini-project
Problem Set 4 Due, 11:59 PM.
Tue 04/17 Let’s Build a Computer
Video Review Istvan's tutorial on the MIPS Computer
Thu 04/19 Let’s Build a Computer
Fri 04/20 Lab: Mini-project
Mini-Project Due
Tue 04/24 Memory Hierarchy and Caches: An Overview
Slides Video Ch. 5.1-5.3
Wed 04/25
Problem Set 5 Due, 11:55 PM
Thu 04/26 Pipelining: An Overview
Slides Video Ch. 4.5-4.8
Fri 04/27 Wrap-up and Review
Mon 05/07 Final Exam
12:00 noon - 2:00pm. Held in Brooks 141 and Sitterson 011.

Copyright Notice: These lecture notes, homeworks, and lab assignments are part of an undergraduate course on operating systems. You must ask me permission to use these materials. I do not grant to you the right to publish these materials for profit in any form.
Donald Porter, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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