Samarjit Chakraborty

I recently joined the Computer Science Department of UNC Chapel Hill. My research interests span across real-time, embedded, and cyber-physical systems design. A brief bio and contact information may be found here.


Representative Publications

  1. Martin Becker, Ravindra Metta, R. Venkatesh, Samarjit Chakraborty: Scalable and precise estimation and debugging of the worst-case execution time for analysis-friendly processors: a comeback of model checking.  International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT) 21(5): 515-543 (2019)

  2. Debayan Roy, Licong Zhang, Wanli Chang, Sanjoy K. Mitter, Samarjit Chakraborty: Semantics-Preserving Cosynthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems. Proceedings of the IEEE 106(1): 171-200 (2018)

  3. Wanli Chang, Dip Goswami, Samarjit Chakraborty, Arne Hamann: OS-Aware Automotive Controller Design Using Non-Uniform Sampling. ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems (TCPS) 2(4): 26:1-26:22 (2018)

  4. Philipp H. Kindt, Marco Saur, Michael Balszun, Samarjit Chakraborty: Neighbor Discovery Latency in BLE-Like Protocols. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 17(3): 617-631 (2018)

  5. Florian Sagstetter, Martin Lukasiewycz, Samarjit Chakraborty: Generalized Asynchronous Time-Triggered Scheduling for FlexRay. IEEE Transactions on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems 36(2): 214-226 (2017)

  6. Wanli Chang, Dip Goswami, Samarjit Chakraborty, Lei Ju, Chun Jason Xue, Sidharta Andalam: Memory-Aware Embedded Control Systems Design. IEEE Transactions on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems 36(4): 586-599 (2017)

  7. Philipp Mundhenk, Andrew Paverd, Artur Mrowca, Sebastian Steinhorst, Martin Lukasiewycz, Suhaib A. Fahmy, Samarjit Chakraborty: Security in Automotive Networks: Lightweight Authentication and Authorization. ACM Transactions on Design Automomation of Electronic Systems 22(2): 25:1-25:27 (2017) (TODAES Best Paper Award)

  8. Samarjit Chakraborty, Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruque, Wanli Chang, Dip Goswami, Marilyn Wolf, Qi Zhu: Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems: A Tutorial Introduction. IEEE Design & Test 33(4): 92-108 (2016)

  9. Benedikt Dietrich, Dip Goswami, Samarjit Chakraborty, Apratim Guha, Matthias Gries: Time Series Characterization of Gaming Workload for Runtime Power Management. IEEE Transactions on Computers 64(1): 260-273 (2015)

  10. Dip Goswami, Reinhard Schneider, Samarjit Chakraborty: Relaxing Signal Delay Constraints in Distributed Embedded Controllers. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 22(6): 2337-2345 (2014)

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