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Real-Time & Distributed Systems Research Group

Research in Real-Time Systems at UNC

Real-time systems are loosely defined as the class of computer systems that interact with the external world in a time frame defined by the external world. Research at UNC in real-time systems spans programming languages, operating systems, distributed systems, and scheduling theory. This research is carried out by the Distributed and Real-Time Systems (DiRT) research group.

Much of our present work focuses on single and multiprocesor real-time operating systems. Our group has previously developed a real-time operating system kernel, YARTOS (Yet Another Real-Time Operating System), that has been used to further research in real-time multimedia systems. Current work is on the use of proportional share resource allocation technology for providing real-time services in general purpose operating systems and on the use of wait-free and lock-free synchronization technology for accessing shared objects in real-time.

For more information, please contact either one of the students or faculty members listed below. Better yet, scan the abstract from our latest paper or two.


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